Summer Dog Grooming Tips

Summer Dog Grooming Tips


Summer Dog Grooming Tips!

As the weather is warming up (yes, even here in the UK!), it’s important to know how to keep your pooch cool in the summer heat. There are many things you can do but knowing how to groom them this season is very important!

The Benefits of Summer Grooming. – We know that might be an obvious point to make but we want to give you well-rounded information. Grooming your dog more and in certain ways in the summer months is going to help your dog, ultimately, stay cool.

Due to their furry bodies, dogs are much more likely to get heat stroke or become dehydrated.

 Since a dog’s coat acts as insulation, it works great during the winter but can backfire during the summer by trapping heat close to their bodies. For dogs with naturally heavy coats, a closer summer cut by a trained professional can allow excess heat to escape from their bodies, helping give them a little relief.

Summer cuts can also help to reduce shedding in double-coated dogs that are prone to it.

Should You Shave Your Dog? – Short answer? No. You can certainly help your pooch out in the summer with trims etc. but outright shaving your dog is not encouraged.

Dogs evolved to have hair for a reason, so removing it entirely puts their health and comfort at risk. Dogs have multiple layers of fur to protect them against the element. This includes the hot summer sun. Body hair shields your dog’s body from harmful UV rays, which keeps the surface of their skin cooler.

Without their fur for protection in the summer, your dog can succumb to effects of the sun - they’re more susceptible to overheating, sunburns, and skin cancer.

If you have a dog with double coats (think Huskies and Retrievers), trimming some length off their fur in the summer is a good idea, just don’t go hacking into their undercoat. This will affect their furs growth later.

Which Dogs Should Get Summer Cuts? – Dogs with thinker fur, double-coats and who shed more would definitely benefit from a Summer Trim.

So-called “hypoallergenic” dogs—like poodles and doodles—have finer, longer hair that prevents their undercoat from falling easily from their bodies.

 Other breeds, like Saint Bernard’s and Bernese Mountain Dogs, were bred for harsh winter weather so have thick and heavy coats. With more hair on their bodies, these breeds naturally retain heat.

 Along with any other breed that requires regular grooming (like Yorkies), they would likely benefit from a closer cut as the weather warms up.

Breeds of dog that would benefit from a shorter/closer summer trim are:

  • Goldendoodles

  • Labradoodles

  • Portuguese Water Dogs

  • Poodles

  • Yorkshire Terriers

  • Newfoundland’s

  • St. Bernard’s

  • Bernese Mountain Dogs


Brushing Regularly is Essential. – As well as getting your pooch a nice summer cut, keeping on top of their grooming is very important. Brushing your dog on the regular will get rid of lose hair, stop matts forming and get rid of any dirt in their fur.

Brushing or combing your dog regularly through Summer will  help remove their thick winter undercoat,. This will also prevent excess shedding and remove grass seeds and other objects which often find their way into your dog’s coat while playing outdoors.

Bathing Your Pooch as Normal. – Doing more outdoor activities with your dog in the warmer months might make you think you need to bathe your dog more. That makes sense, right? Actually, it’s better to stick to your dog’s regular bathing routine. Bathing them more than usually may irritate your dog’s skin.

Obviously, if your dog finds something unsavoury to roll in, bathe them! But consider taking bath time outside to make it a fun summer activity—just be careful of harsh water pressure and getting water in your dog’s eyes, ears, and mouth. Use a bucket of tepid water and a cup to rinse off your dog.

Please do bear in mind that everything in this post is strictly advisory and has been gathered from various reputable sources from the internet. We’re not vets, and you should always seek professional advice if you ever have concerns.

Thanks for reading. If you have anything that you would like us to cover, then feel free to get in touch with us over on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!
Jun 17 2021
by Claire