Frequently Asked Questions

We have been developing our music for the past 6 years by taking a very experimental approach, throughout those years we have gathered a lot of information on what musical arrangements, sounds and frequencies tend to work the best. Our development cycle has been a constant feedback loop and that has helped us craft our secret formula that we believe is likely to help your dog or puppy.

We have taken 6 years of research through our feedback loop and we believe that it is likely to help, but as with most things, we cannot guarantee success.To be a bit more specific, we ask our audience on a regular basis if our music helping and on average, normally 86% of people say yes, so as you can see, the chances of it helping are quite high.

We have hours of music and TV content designed for dogs, all of that content is looped, so technically it can be streamed for an unlimited number of hours. We are constantly adding new music and TV for dogs. We also have DIY and Advice content for your human mummy or daddy!

You can leave it on as long as you think it is helping your dog.

Through all the years of research and customer feedback, we have had no negative feedback. The worst that could happen is your dog might not be interested and may choose to ignore it.

This does not contain ads as you are a paying customer.

For the best results we recommend low to mid range, however, it is completely down to you to experiment and figure out what works best for your dog.

Our music and TV is designed in a way that will help as many breeds as possible, however, if you find that one piece of music does not work, a different piece may.

This is simple, on the devices listed, there will be a login option, just log in with your Username and Password.

Our content is broken up into different playlists, we have music to help with a range of different issues including separation anxiety. The playlists we have include: Music for Puppies, Music for Grooming, Music for Loud Noises & Fireworks, Music for Poorly Dogs, Music for General Relaxing, and Music for Sleeping.