About us

Helped Over 42 million Dogs Worldwide

Started in 2011 by Amman Ahmed and Ricardo Henriquez who wanted to have a positive impact on the mental health of dogs.

Ricardo the musical genius is based in El Salvador owned an incredibly cute dog called Rocky. Ricardo and Rocky experienced a life of political unrest and violence in his local community.

Noises from street violence nearby and gunshots created a lot of anxiety for Rocky. He started to suffer from separation anxiety and noises. Ricardo and Amman had been working together on other musical projects until they looked into the idea of creating music for dogs. This started a journey that would end up helping millions of dogs worldwide.

They started making experimental music to see how it would help Rocky and after loads of trial and error nothing really worked. So they took a different musical approach and saw that some of the elements of the music actually had a slight impact on helping Rocky.

They used this slight success as hope to continue going until they found a musical formula that helped reduce Rocky’s anxiety dramatically. They thought they were onto something big and wanted to help more dogs.

As they had little money for scientific research they decided to put all the experiment content onto YouTube to get feedback. Slowly the fan base started to grow and the feedback started coming in. At the start it was more negative than positive but slowly with trial and error the feedback became very positive.

Now they have a formula that works with music and tv to help relax dogs. They are proven feedback from the community that this music helps 87% of dogs that try it.

Fast forward a few years and they are both incredibly proud to know the music and tv content has had a positive impact on 42 million dogs so far….. But the journey has just begun.

So many more dogs to help…. Hopefully we can help your dog as well. Give the 1 month free trial a go ?