Smallest Dog Breeds

Smallest Dog Breeds

Chihuahua -When you think of small dog breeds, the Chihuahua is probably one of the first ones that come to mind. And for good reason! The Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed; weighing a featherlight four to six pounds and stand only six to 10 inches tall!

There is only one breed of Chihuahua, but there is quite a bit of variation within the breed. These tiny dogs can have long or short coats in a variety of colours. They even have two distinct head shapes: apple-shaped and deer-shaped.

Chihuahuas are low-maintenance dogs when it comes to grooming, but they can be high-maintenance when it comes to training. They usually become devoted to a single person and are protective, which can make living in a house with children a challenge.

This isn't to say Chihuahuas can't make great family dogs, but the personality of the dog and the patience and training by the family are important factors.

Brussels Griffon – We’ve mentioned the Brussels Griffon before in our list of the strangest looking dog breeds. It’s also one of the smallest breeds! Can’t picture what one looks like? Just think Ewok from Star Wars!

Brussels griffon dogs typically stand around seven to eight inches tall and weigh between seven and 12 pounds. 

Originating in Brussels, Belgium, they were originally bred as terriers to hunt rodents in stables. This breed tends to bond with one human and does not enjoy being around children. However, they do usually get along well with other animals and can make a great pet in a home with other pets.

While they are an affectionate breed, they also love to play and roughhouse. They're smart but can be sensitive. Like many other terrier breeds, they have a stubborn streak, so they need a patient trainer.

Pomeranian – These dogs almost look like toys! They’re so fluffy and have such sweet, expressive faces. This spunky little fuzz ball is a spitz type breed. Popular pets, Pomeranians stand between five and 11 inches tall and weigh a mere four to eight pounds. 

Pomeranians are small in stature but big in personality. Alert, intelligent, and confident, Pomeranians have a beautiful coat and a charming personality to match.

Training a Pomeranian is easy because they love to learn new tricks and make their owner happy. But they are also happy to spend time on their own. These alert, extroverted dogs are easy to train. An owner definitely needs to implement training because Poms can be territorial and develop habits of excessive barking or aggressiveness with other dogs.

Owners who can work with the assertive, confident nature of these loving dogs will find a fast friend.

Affenpinscher - The Affenpinscher, which looks somewhat like the Brussels griffon, originated in Germany to fulfil the same role of rodent control in kitchens and stables. The breed's name translates to "monkey like terrier," which is fitting for a dog full of personality and feistiness.

This breed stands between nine and 12 inches tall and weighs around seven to 13 pounds. But don't let the tiny size fool you. These dogs are active indoors and love daily walks. 

Their historical background as masterful rat- and mouse-catchers may be why Affenpinschers have that swagger and fierce intelligence. Though these dogs require a moderate level of maintenance and enjoy long life spans, it's their remarkable personality that gives Affenpinschers their appeal.

Papillion – Papillons are just adorable! Their name is SO interesting too! y large in size and standing upright, the papillon's ears are covered in long, feathered hair that frames their faces in big fans that look like butterfly wings, hence their name (French for Butterfly).

Papillons stand eight to 12 inches tall and weigh between seven and 10 pounds. This breed is friendly and self-assured, and when properly socialized, does well with children, strangers, and other pets. They are well known to be great companion animals, even if they can be a bit on the vocal side.

Papillons get along well with other dogs and cats if they are socialized from an early age, and multi-dog homes are a great way to keep the Papillon from developing separation anxiety if their human companions are out of the house for extended periods.

Yorkshire Terrier - Yorkshire terriers started out as ratters in Yorkshire, England, but have grown to become a much-loved companion animal. This breed stands about  six to nine inches tall and weighs around seven pounds, though some may be a bit larger.

They are also known for their long, luxurious coats, which are considered hypoallergenic as they shed less than other dogs. However, grooming is still essential for these long-haired dogs.

These pups have big personalities, and the brains to match. A dedicated owner can train and socialise these little divas into delightful companions. Their determined spirit makes them great little watch dogs and amusing pals to keep you company.

Like so many toy breeds with terrier backgrounds, they aren't particularly fond of children, other dogs, or strangers, and they can be vocal. But with appropriate socialization and training, they can be a friendly, balanced dog.

Russian Toy - This dreamy little dog was almost entirely unknown outside of Russia, its country of origin, until the 1990s. The Russian toy is similar in size to the Chihuahua, standing between seven and 11 inches tall and weighing two to six pounds.

 It is also similar to Chihuahuas in that the breed has two varieties of coat: a smooth coat and a long coat. The Russian toy also looks like the papillon thanks to its big ears with feathered fur edges.

Russian Toy Terriers are small in stature, but they are energetic, lively characters with the added bonus being they also boast having kind, affectionate natures which in short means, they are great companions to have around.

Russian Toys love nothing more than being in a family environment and being included in everything that goes on in a household and although extremely popular in their native Russia, these little dogs are only just gaining the recognition they deserve in other parts of the world which includes the UK.

Toy Fox Terrier - Toy fox terriers have enough personality to light up a whole room, despite being less than a foot tall. These perky dogs stand eight and a half to 11 inches tall and weigh anywhere from three and a half to seven pounds.

This tiny dog is like a little powder keg, with plenty of energetic activity stored in their small frames. Fast, agile, courageous, and smart, the toy fox terrier is great for someone who wants an active, trainable dog small enough for apartment living.

Thanks to their easy-to-groom short coat and eagerness to learn, toy fox terriers are pretty low-maintenance pups.

Because there's so much energy packed into their little bodies, having a yard for them to roam around in is ideal. But don't stress if you're in an apartment—TFTs do just as well running laps around the kitchen table.

Japanese Chin - This friendly, happy companion dog has been around for a long time — possibly 500 - 1,000 years! The Japanese Chin is a perfect lapdog with a height of eight to 11 inches and a weight between seven and 11 pounds.

Ultimately, the Japanese chin is a low-energy companion who appreciates being surrounded by other calming individuals.

They boast a cat-like reputation, including its independent attitude and propensity for jumping onto furniture to have a better view of the room. It even has a tendency to use its paws to wash its face. This also means they are often described as the perfect dog for someone who considers themselves a "cat person" but wants a canine companion.

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