Long Haired Dog Breeds

Long Haired Dog Breeds

Afghan Hound – A list of long-haired dogs would not be completely, or even start with involving the Afghan Hound. This breeds is almost completely recognisable through their long coats. They almost look like they have human hair!

This elegant breed may be one of the oldest purebred breeds and has its origins in the rugged Asian mountainous regions know today as Afghanistan, India and Pakistan.

The dog’s long coat requires considerable care to maintain. Prepare for several hours of brushing a week, plus routine bathing using both shampoo and conditioner. As pets, Afghan hounds are known to be loyal and silly!

Bearded Collie - The bearded collie features not just a profuse beard, but also a long shaggy coat. The bearded collie originated hundreds of years ago in Scotland, where it was valued as a sheepherder and cattle drover. Bearded collies are bouncy, athletic, and full of energy.

They have a double layered coat; one being straight, harsh and shaggy and a soft, furry and close-lying as an undercoat. This pup also requires significant grooming (spoiler…most of the breeds do!), to prevent knots, tangles and matts forming., Daily brushing, combing and weekly deep-brushing with an undercoat rake, occasional baths are essential to keep this coat maintained.

As a pet, Bearded Collies tend to be rambunctious, lively, and affectionate.

Yorkshire Terrier - This toy-sized dog breed has long flowing hair and a big personality. Their long hair is hypoallergenic and more like human hair than a fur coat.

Not all Yorkshire Terrier owners keep their hair long and flowing because of its need for daily grooming. They make excellent companions and vigilant watchdogs. Yorkies do have a reputation for being feisty and stubborn.

Bolognese - The Bolognese’s crowning glory is a long, fluffy white coat that envelops its body like a soft cloud. Named for its birthplace of Bologna, Italy, it was a favourite of the ruling royals for many centuries. This Italian dog breed has long been prized as a calm, sweet-tempered lapdog and faithful companion.

The Bolognese’s long, cottony coat does not shed, but it needs daily brushing to prevent it from becoming tangled if kept long. Many Bolognese owners opt for shorter pet clips for ease of maintenance.

Lhasa Apso – Try saying that one with your mouth full of dog hair! These pups are just as impressive as their name suggests.

This toy breed stands between 10 and 11 inches, with long, flowing straight hair reaching the floor and draped over their faces. The Lhasa Apso dog breed dates back over a thousand years.

These long hair dogs historically have been fixtures in monasteries and palaces located in the Himalayas. Their coats require regular grooming to avoid matting. These dogs may act aloof to strangers but are playful and loving to their owners.

Havanese - The only dog breed native to Cuba and named for the island nation’s capital city of Havana, the Havanese is covered in a luxurious, long, silky coat. The Havanese is highly social, friendly, and intelligent, making the breed a popular family pet. When its abundant, wavy coat is kept long, it needs daily brushing to prevent tangles and mats.

A shorter pet trim is easier to maintain and requires less brushing. Regardless of length, the coat sheds very little. This breed looks fantastic with cords but getting there takes serious maintenance. Owners must form sections of hair that need repeated checking to keep mats from forming, and the entire process can take as long as two years.

Shih Tzu – Another teeny tiny breeds, but with a lot of hair!

The long hair on the Shih Tzu hangs the length of this small dog, which weighs between 9 to 16 pounds and stands less than a foot tall. The coat needs to be brushed daily. You’ll notice that Shih Tzus typically have the hair above their eyes lifted and secured out of their faces. This practice protects the Shih Tzu’s eyes from irritation.

This long hair dog breed originated from Imperial breeders in China who deemed this dog breed, “lion dog.” As a pet, Shih Tzu dogs are charming and great with children and enjoy sitting on their owner’s laps.

Old English Sheepdog - You’ll recognize this dog breed for its famous shaggy hair that covers its entire body and face, including its peek-a-boo eyes. Old English Sheepdogs have a dense double-coat that requires weekly, thorough grooming sessions.

This long hair dog moves about similarly to a bear, but unlike a bear, its temperament is kind and agreeable. They make loveable family dogs and astute watchdogs.

Dec 02 2022
by Claire