Facts About Huskies

Facts About Huskies

Huskies are arguably one of the most loved dog breeds! They’re fun, cute, loyal…fluffy! What’s not to love? So, here are some more fun and interesting facts about Huskies!

Bred By Eskimos! – The Siberian husky’s ancestors were bred by bred by the Chukchi people in north-eastern Asia as endurance sled dogs, which isn’t at all surprising! Nomadic people had to expand their hunting territories to survive, given the harsh nature and huskies helped them move large distances! hey developed a dog who could pull light loads over long distances across rugged wasteland in sub-zero temperatures.

Not To Be Confused with Malamutes – Though they have their similarities, the Siberian Husky and Malamute are actually completely different breeds. They have different attributes; Malamutes are known for strength whilst the Husky is known for stamina (which makes them perfect for long distance sled pulling!).

They’re Super Friendly - Despite the Siberian Husky’s wolflike appearance, the breed is friendly to people, including total strangers. Their fierce wolf-like appearance may scare off some intruders, but the Husky really doesn’t make a very good watchdog. They’re simply too playful and friendly and will happily welcome strangers.

They Can Be Fussy with Food - If you think all dogs are insatiable eaters that will scarf just about anything, you may be surprised when you set a bowl of food in front of a Husky. They’re one of the few breeds who can actually get bored with eating.

Sensitivity to common allergens such as corn, wheat, dairy, soy, and eggs, as well as the additives and fillers found in many commercial dog foods, could be another reason why your Husky isn’t interested in food. Although bred to travel long distances without food, if they won’t eat for an extended period, it’s time to visit the vet.

They Can Have ‘Snow Nose’ - If you've ever gotten up close and personal with a Siberian husky, you may have noticed that some of them have a multi-coloured nose. Often the nose is pink or liver-coloured, and black. This is called a "snow nose," and it's fairly common in the breed. Not only that, but it's not uncommon for a snow nose to appear during the colder months, and then to vanish again when the mercury rises.

Film Stars! - Huskies have been featured on the silver screen. The 1995 animated film Balto is based on the true story of the sled dog who led the famed mission in 1925. Iron Will is a live-action adventure film that’s also based on a real life Husky event. In this case it was the 522-mile dog-sled race between Winnipeg, Canada and St. Paul, Minnesota that occurred in 1917. Snow Dogs and Iron Will are other movies that feature Siberian Huskies in starring roles.

They Come with Challenges - If you’re an inexperienced dog owner, think twice before choosing the Siberian Husky as a pet. These dogs are highly intelligent, but can also be extremely stubborn, which makes training difficult. They’re also strong-willed, independent, and need tons of exercise.

With their history as a working dog pulling sleds over long distances, they’re happiest when they have a job to perform. Without mental and physical stimulation Huskies can become incredibly destructive.


Puppies! - All puppies are known for their playful antics and exuberance. So it should come as no surprise that this athletic working dog is extra rowdy as a puppy. Expect lots of boisterousness and jumping up. For this reason it’s important to never leave a Husky puppy alone with young children.

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Jun 10 2022
by Claire