Build a Dog Safe Space

Build a Dog Safe Space

Find the perfect location - Most dogs will have a few favourite spaces around the house. This could be their bed or crate, their favourite spot on the sofa, or the room they like most.

Turn your dog’s favourite spot into their designated safe space. This means it can be their safe space on any occasion, not just when you have people over. You could add a comfy bed or blankets to their favourite nook, perhaps by the side of the sofa or under a certain table, to make it a safe and snug haven for them. Anything that smells of them is going to provide instant comfort and familiarity.

If your dog doesn’t have a favourite spot already, choose somewhere in a room your dog normally spends time in, where they naturally like to rest. Make a cosy den for them and build up positive associations with the space. Do this well in advance of fireworks, so they become familiar with it being a safe place.  

Make it extra cosy - Many dogs will feel safer if they’re quite snug in a space, so consider adding extra blankets to make it a cosy spot to squeeze into. This is also great for the winter time, if they’re somewhere away from other people, it might get a little chilly.

If possible, soundproof the area, perhaps with extra blankets over a crate. This will help give your dog a sense of security.

Offer your dog games and treats - Build up positive associations with the space by offering your dog things they enjoy in there, like long-lasting chews, puzzle feeders and their favourite toys. 

Even hang out in there with your dog on a few occasions, your dog will see it as a place that represents all things they love – including you!

Tell everyone about your dog’s safe space
- Make sure all guests, especially children, know where your dog’s den is, and to leave them alone when they’re in it. Ask visitors not to disturb your dog when they’re in this spot. If you’re having people over who don’t know your house or dog, leave a note on the door to tell them that the room isn’t to be entered. Go in occasionally to reassure your pup and check in on them.

Use Our Music or TV – If you’re worried your dog might get bored or anxious whilst you’re not there, you can try some of our Relaxing Music or Dog TV to not only entertain them but help them stay calm and relaxed.

Dec 16 2022
by Claire