10 Things Dogs Love

10 Things Dogs Love

10 Things Dogs Love!

It’s hard to think of anything that dogs don’t love – dogs are just loving and excitable creatures and seem to love everything! But there are some things in this world that they love the most, so here is a list of ten things that dogs love the most!

Collecting Trophies – Dogs love taking personal things, especially if they’re at home. This is actually sweet because they like taking things that are part of you, their favourite person! As well as taking your stuff, your dog will take them to other rooms and hide them – ever found a missing sock under a cushion? Or the TV remote in the laundry? They also have this tendency to get your attention. Dogs LOVE our attention, whether it’s good or bad! They’ll hide your things because they like interacting with you, t tops them getting bored and gives them something to do.

Eating Alone – This one might surprise you! Many dog owners think their pet loves to eat while being watched or see mealtimes as a social event – but this is actually untrue (for most dogs). Although some dogs like to eat when their owner does, for the dog the act of eating is a personal moment, and they prefer to be on their own.

 For a domesticated dog, you are the leader of the pack, so your dog will feel more comfortable eating in a private space where they can be sure that the alpha male won't steal their food- this applies to any food or treat. Don't be surprised if your dog takes what you give it into another room.

Always Being By Your Side – Your dog and you are part of each other. Where you do, your dog will follow (mostly!). Being close to you is one of the most common behaviours in dogs and therefore one of the things they love the most. When out on a walk your dog is saying to all who approach “This human is mine, outta the way!” They do this to minimise as much distance as they can between you and to transfer odours.

This is a social-emotional-biological habit, and I has been suggested that it indicated protection on the part of your dog. They are making a barrier between you and intruders while you provide a blanket of security, confidence and comfort for your dog. How sweet!

Watching TV – Obviously, we were going to include this one! Dogs can and do watch television – and t can be enjoyable for them! Now, we’re not saying that they’ll follow outrageous soap opera plot lines or be able to shout answers to game show, but they appreciate and can follow the light, colours and sounds on the TV screen.

For them it can be mental stimulation and therefore is one of the things dogs love. In fact, some experts claim that dogs really enjoy watching TV because it helps them relax and fight boredom. Check out our vast range of Dog TV episodes on our YouTube channel or through our subscription service. We have virtual dog walks (no, really!), abstract shapes, wildlife and many more!

However, these shouldn’t  be used as a substitute for love, human attention and exercise. They’re great for keeping them company during the day and the odd times they’re left alone for short periods of time.

Making the Bed – No, we don’t mean doing household chores – which is a shame, life would be interesting if dogs could fold laundry! We mean your pup making a place comfortable to have a lie down or relax.

Have you ever noticed your dog circle round a few times before settling somewhere like their bed? Dogs love comfort just like people and will make their personal space as perfect and relaxing as possible. By doing this, dogs spread their scent in the area, and make it clear that this is their territory. They also prepare the ground and temperature of the space.

Swimming – Seeing a dog swim, splashing and enjoy water is one of the purest, cutest and full-to-the-brim-with-joy things to behold! Most dogs absolutely love swimming and will jump in any body of water to play given the chance! If your pup is an enthusiastic swimmer, it can be a great alternative exercise and something you can do together!

Music – I mean…we mentioned TV, we were BOUND to mention music too! If you’re here, reading this, you’ve visited out website and seen what we do best…MUSIC. We make relaxing music for pets that is specially made to calm all kinds of dogs, cats, hamsters, snakes etc.

Getting back to the point, dogs can enjoy music – no, really! It stimulates them on an emotional and sensory level and many people are surprised to learn this about their pets!

Classical music is calming to dogs, as well as reggae and more (you’ll notice this throughout our tracks!). Heavy metal music is more agitating, which is no surprise and vocal music can be enjoyable to them too – especially if it’s you singing to them!

But why is this fine tuning to music a thing? Well, when dogs howl, they pay special attention to what other dogs sound like, with a purpose of changing their tone so that theirs is unique and stands out from the others.

Being Productive – Dogs need and respond well to a sense of purpose – like us! The love accomplishing tasks, figuring out puzzles/games and feeling useful. It’s no accident that many dog breeds were bred to carry out jobs and do them with gusto. Collie’s, German Shepherds, St. Bernard’s, Corgi’s even were bred for hunting, search & rescue, and herding, respectively. And that’s just a very small example!

Dogs who have nothing to do become bored and restless. Now, we’re not suggesting getting Fido a 9-5 job to stop them getting bored, but little tasks such as fetching things, retrieving a ball, learning tricks etc. can make your dog feel useful, recognised and happy!

Travelling – This might be a surprising one, and it might not apply to all dogs. Most like to be included and can get bored being left at home all the time. Dogs will accompany their owners anywhere! Some dogs even get inside the suitcase of their owners because they know that they are going to travel and want them to take them with them. Dogs are not aware that they are dogs, they feel they are part of the family, equal, just like any other human being... and they are right!

Obviously if your pooch isn’t keen on travelling don’t force them, and if you do take them on trips make sure you do it safely using the correct harnesses, car et-ups and take provisions.

Sleeping with You – Again, this might not apply to ALL dogs, but most will absolutely adore sleeping in the same room or bed as their much loved human. Letting your dog spend the night with you in your bed makes them feel privileged and part of your world because you are including them in your most personal space.

Of course, if this is not something you’re keen on or you can’t for other reasons, or even that your pooch isn’t a fan of sharing bed space – don’t force it. You want everyone involved to be able to be sleep well and be comfortable.

Please do bear in mind that everything in this post is strictly advisory and has been gathered from various reputable sources from the internet. We're not vets, and you should always seek professional advice if you ever have concerns.


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Oct 01 2021
by Claire