13 Ways to Show your Dog Affection

Showing your dog affection is beneficial to both their physical and their mental health – and a little love can go a long way for your furry little friend!

There are many ways to show your dog love, you could get them a new dog bed, or you could even make them some fresh food.
Today, however, we’ll be showing you 13 different ways to show your dog love and affection!
  • A nice walk every day

It’s easy to underestimate just how much a walk means to a dog, so it’s good to acknowledge it and act upon it. We recommend at least a 30-60 minute walk each day – if you can push a bit more, that’s great but we don’t expect you to be out all day!

  • Regular brushing

Regularly brushing your dog’s hair is essential to maintaining the health of both the skin and the coat. For some dog’s, it’s extremely pleasurable experience for a dog as it releases certain endorphins that deeply relax your dog by lowering their heart rate.

  • Focused play

Different from just a walk, undivided attention when playing games like tug or fetch enhances your dog’s emotion and enjoyment of the session by a long way. Don’t just wave around a rope under your desk for your pooch while you watch a film… take a few minutes out of your day to play with your dog making sure to make lots of eye contact and your dog will be the happiest dog on the planet!

  • Options

There will come times where your dog just simply wants to relax and not be bothered. Allowing your dog with the chance and choice to say no to certain things allows your dog to give you a certain level of trust, provided that you respect their choice. Additionally, other choices may involve certain games they want to play (i.e. by bringing toys) or choosing a favourite path on your daily walks.

  • Teach them life skills

Life skills can prove very useful in many ways. Teaching your dog to sit before crossing dangerous road crossings may end up saving their life one day, or maybe simple little things like barking when there’s unexpected movement at night. Giving your dog lots of praise when they do the right thing will encourage them to do it more and ultimately learn useful skills and be rewarded and loved for their actions.

  • Learn dog first aid

When push comes to shove, are you genuinely capable of preventing a life-threatening illness or injury from your dog? Learning anything from dealing with a violent dog bite to performing CPR, these are essential things to memorise as they will be worth more than you’ll ever realize one day. You can find courses all across the UK from organizations like RSPCA or PDSA – if you’re looking for something a bit more convenient, however, then stay tuned as we’re working on our own online tutorial very shortly!

  • Companionship

As we mention a lot here, your dog is naturally sociable so they may develop separation anxiety when left alone for long periods of time. Stay with your dog for as long as you can on a daily basis, but when you really have to leave your dog alone, try using TV for Dogs…

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  • A canine massage

Some dogs might not actually enjoy getting a massage, while for others, it’s very relaxing and builds an even stronger bond between the two of you. Begin by gently working in the chest area as this is the most non-invasive area of your dogs body. If they seem to enjoy it, then carry on and work move on to other areas.

  • Regular dental hygiene

Tartar buildup and diseases aren’t too easy to detect until the point where it can hard to address. Brushing your dogs teeth daily and visiting an animal dental surgeon regularly can reduce the chances of your dog having any issues in their mouth.

  • Dog-orientated sports

Try a sport that’s more focused on the canine in question. Sports like canicross (cross-country running with your pooch!) or flyball will make a change to routine games like fetch and is more likely to stimulate them a bit more.

  • Treats

Nothing says “good boy or good girl” quite like a treat! A reward for good behaviour or completing tasks and commands encourages them to behave on a regular basis if it means they get praise at the end of it! Like we mentioned at the start of the page, we’ve made a guide so you can make some homemade meals and even a cake recipe if you’re looking to give their treats a more personal touch!

  • Choose a pet-friendly house

If you’re going on holiday and want to take your furry friend along with you then the first priority should be choosing a house, cabin, chalet, etc that’s pet-friendly. This shouldn’t be limited to just the accommodation, it should also be taken into consideration whether or not the local walks are suitable and easily accessible, whether or not restaurants are pet-friendly.

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  • Do not disturb

Just like that profile on your phone that’s super useful when you’re in a meeting – your dog also has this mode when they want to sleep. As cute and tempting as it may be to stroke your resting dog, it’s very irritating for them and can disturb their sleeping pattern in a very annoying way and can void any trust or respect that you’ve built with them.

Trust and respect can be easy to gain when you’re waiving treats around and controlling meals, but love and affection are harder to gain. With everything learned today, you can approach your dog with the plan on gaining further affection from your dog and succeed!
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