Monetise My Dog: How to Make Money From Your Pooch!

Last week, we showed you how to save thousands on your dog. This week, we’re showing you how you can potentially make thousands!

Ever scroll through your timeline and come across a really cute dog? So naturally, if you enjoy you’ll give it a like, a comment and maybe if you really liked it, a follow! And without knowing it, you’ve just contributed towards their profile growth in terms of following and even money!

In the age of social media, we all want to be “insta-famous” as with all the likes, shares, comments that you get from all your jealous friends, there’s actually a big monetary side to it all and you could be missing out on some big bucks for doing basically nothing! And even if you don’t want to have peoples timelines spammed with photos of your dogs, you can go for other approaches like dog walking and more!


What you’ll learn today doesn’t affect your dog’s life at all, it’ll just allow you to make some cash on the side just for owning a pet!

So, where do you start? Let’s help you out with our first tip:

  • Get them Camera Ready!

Having a cute dog is great, but what’s better than that? A cute, camera ready dog! Thankfully, our resident vlogger Leah has put together a comprehensive tutorial on how you can take the perfect photo of your dog, which you can watch here! After watching that you should have all the information you need to take the perfect photo of your pooch and start posting!

  • Make a Dedicated Social Media Fan Page.

This is a bit of a no-brainer. Would you rather follow John Doe who posts photos on finance, canals and a load of dog photos or Piddles the Poodle who posts nothing but photos of herself anywhere and everywhere?! Having a dedicated social media profile on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter helps keep the timeline clean as well as developing the “brand” opening opportunities for brand partnerships and collaborations. You can choose any platform that you want, Instagram is a very good option though provided you post 2-3 times a day and interact with as many people as possible.

Now we’ll talk about the bit that you’re really here for, how do you make money from them?

These tips will require a somewhat decent following on your dog’s fan page, but that shouldn’t be too hard to acquire since you can never follow too many dog accounts!

  • Try and partner with companies.

There are many companies on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that are willing to pay (or provide a free product) in exchange for a mention/showcase on your photo or even the caption. These showcases can range from your dog wearing a bandana to a full-fledged review of a product like a dog bowl or a bed. If you can partner with loads of smaller lesser-known companies then you’re more likely to get approached by the big guns.

  • Make a YouTube channel.

Dog vlogs, everyone loves them! We make vlogs every week and they do amazingly well, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t break out the camera and get involved too! As well as extended partnerships with companies, you can also monetise your videos by running an ad or two at the start and/or end of your video.

  • Sell stock images.

Stock images are always in high demand due to them being so flexible, readily available and royalty free. A well-produced stock image can be worth hundreds depending on which marketplace you sell on. So, go back to tip #1, watch this vlog, get your dog camera ready and get the amazing images uploaded and ready to sell!

  • Sign them up to an agency.

A well behaved and trained dog could be the perfect candidate for the next Bond film! While that may not be the case straight away, it is always good to dream big! If you ever find yourself saying how “my dog can do that” when you see a dog on TV, then maybe it’s time to get them signed up to an agency – there may be some initial fees to get you started like a placement fee and training, with no guarantee that they’ll get accepted with the agency.

  • Set up a Blog.

If you’re reading this post here then that should be enough proof of how useful and effective a blog is! It’s a place where you can post weekly (or daily, if you have the time) updates and newsletters on your dog, which are actually very interesting to dog fanatics and as well as that it can provide these additional benefits.

  1. Additional exposure. As well as having a dedicated social media profile, your blog will provide yet another place for promoting your dog.
  2. Advertising. Your site is one blank canvas with text in the middle, this provides plenty of advertising space on the side for you to fill with dog-related things you personally would recommend.
  3. Affiliate links. Link out to products that you support and make a bit of commission on the side, as well as giving your reader a discount with some certain affiliates.
  • Market Research

There are a plethora of companies that are more than willing to pay money to learn more about you and your dog. These can range from businesses learning about how much you’re willing to spend, what you plan to buy and why to surveys about your dogs sleeping habits! You’re helping companies learn more about their customers which ultimately provides a better service and you’re getting paid to do it! Win-Win.

With all that done, your dog should now be on the road to fame and fortune, taking you with it of course! Even if you only make a pound or two each day from each method, they’ll all add up to big money, if done correctly. 

Always remember that your dog’s fame doesn’t come overnight, and it certainly isn’t going to be easy but if you put in the effort you’ll have a monetised dog in no time!

Just make sure to reward the dog for its equally hard work with treats and lots of love and belly rubs!

Is your dog going to be playing a supervillain in the next Hollywood blockbuster? Or maybe he’s keeping it humble in a gentle toothpaste advert!? Whatever the outcome of our advice, let us know our on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!