How To Keep a Dog Calm While Grooming

Grooming is a very important part of maintaining your dog’s health and looks at the highest possible level. If you groom your dog regularly, your dog will remain clean for a long time, their coat will look wonderful and you’ll avoid potential complications like infections, mats, or injuries caused by overgrown nails. But most importantly, you dog will be happy because you’re properly taking care of them.

However, a lot of dogs initially fear grooming and they resist it because they think it will hurt them. That’s not true of course, but your dog may not realize it. So, if your dog also doesn’t like being groomed and can’t stay calm during the process, you should use a few tricks to solve that problem as soon as possible.

Having said that, we’ll be showing you a couple of tips or methods that will help you keep your dog calm while they’re being groomed.

Let’s begin.

Method #1: Make them familiar with the grooming shop and everything in it

Sometimes the reason why your dog doesn’t like being groomed is because everything there seems unfamiliar to them, causing them to feel a bit stressed out.
You can easily avoid this by taking your dog there when it’s not grooming time.
Bring them in and let them sniff everything and everyone. If they’re progressing well, try to lift them on the grooming tools or show them the tools they use.
After a couple of tours, once they’ve become accustomed to the place and people working there, take them to grooming.

According to Trimepil, since they already know everyone well and they trust them, and since they don’t consider all of the grooming tools as something that could hurt them, it’s highly likely that the grooming process will end without any objections from the dog. If, however, they do object, just repeat the visits a few more times before having them groomed again, it should help a lot.

Method #2: Reward good behaviour

Whenever your dog behaves well or does something you would want them to do, don’t forget to reward them. Verbal rewards and touch rewards will do the trick just fine. If they do something that used to be very difficult for them, then you should reward them with a treat so that they know you encourage them overcoming their fears or anxiety.

Never punish bad behaviour though because that will probably achieve a counter
effect. Instead just point out their error and let them know that you don’t like that kind of behaviour.

Method #3: Don’t drive a car to the grooming shop

Some dogs love driving in cars, others hate it, but either way, you shouldn’t take your dog to the groomer with a car. The reason for that is actually pretty simple. If the dog hates driving, they will enter the grooming place already frightened which will further increase their anxiety, leading to them refusing to be groomed. On the other hand, if they love the car ride, they’ll become very happy and very energetic which will also lead to them refusing to be groomed and wanting to play instead.
Therefore, the best way to go to the groomer would be to walk by foot. This way, your dog will burn off any excess energy and reach your destination relaxed and calm. And that kind of state is ideal for overcoming their fear or anxiety.

Method #4: Use RelaxMyDog Music

If you are struggling to get them in to the grooming shop before even trying to attempt step #1, try RelaxMyDog’s specially-made Grooming Music Playlist. This playlist was designed to make the grooming process as easy as possible. Using our signature tried and trusted relaxing music, this playlist is designed to put your dog in a more calming mood before entering the grooming shop. We have already helped over 10 million dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, depression, boredom and aggression. Now we can help your dog combat their grooming anxiety!

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With these four methods, you should be able to help your dog become relaxed and calm when being groomed. From now on, their coat will be healthy and grooming won’t be an unavoidable evil in your dog’s mind but instead a happy and healthy activity.

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