Help Your Dog To Sleep

How to Help Your Dog Sleep

How to make your dog sleep through the night. Top tips on helping your dog sleep at night

Cats are the animal kingdoms sleepers – they sleep A LOT. But what about dogs? How can you owners help their dog sleep through the night safe and soundly?

Timing Toilet Time – Letting your dog out before bed is a good routine to get in to. By ‘just before bed’ we don’t mean just as you turn in, brush your teeth, get changed, watch that last episode of your favourite soap, sit on your phone THEN go to sleep. We mean JUST as you’re settling down for sleep time.

If you let your dog out before your properly turning in for the night, it’ll end up being a “mid-evening” toilet break, instead of the last one of the night.

 If you get into the habit of letting your dog out for their final toilet right before lights out, they’re a lot less likely to need or want to go in the middle of the night. This benefits both you and the dog, making sure you each get a restful night.

Plenty of Playtime & Exercise – Wat is one sure fire way to tire yourself out? Exercise! Believe it or not, it’s the exact same for your pooch! Plenty of exercise in the day and into the evening (if that’s your routine) will ensure that both you and your dog will sleep soundly.

If your dog doesn’t get enough exercise, they may find the quieter hours of the night harder to settle down in. Their unspent energy and extra need for stimulation may result in them being restless in the night-time. This disrupts their sleep, but yours as well.

You dog may feel lonely and unsettled and try to rouse your from your slumber for playtime, attention, or company. Bottom line make usure your pooch is getting the required exercise they need to not only stay healthy but make sure their tired enough to sleep at night.

Try Not To Share – It’s a lovely idea, sharing your bed with your dog for the night. Your companionship and relationship with your dog may be a close one. But if you want yourself and your dog to get a good night sleep, sharing a bed is not the best idea.

Some studies show that 63% of owners who share their bed with their dog experience poor sleep. That’s a big percentage! And, as cosy as it might seem, not getting a good night sleep is detriment to both you and your dog’s overall health.

Your do will be much more comfortable and you’ll both get a better nights sleep if they have their own comfortable bed, and you stay in yours!

Comfort Is Key – Away from your quilt, sheets, and pillows, it’s important o make sure your dog has their own comfortable place to sleep. A good quality dog bed, warm blankets and reduced light and sound will ensure your dog is drifting off to sleep easy every night.

 It really does make the difference by paying a little more for a good quality bed that will not only mean your dog is comfortable and able to sleep at night, but it will last a good while too. We rarely scrimp on our own comforts in the bedroom, why cut corners for your pup?

Relax Your Dog – If you have a dog who is anxious or doesn’t like being left alone, you can use our very own music!

Our Relax My Dog tracks on YouTube, Spotify and more are specially composed and scientifically proven to help dogs feel calmer, more relaxed and aid in their sleep.

We have hundreds upon hundreds of tracks and playlists! Give it a try and share with your other doggie friends!

Please do bear in mind that everything in this post is strictly advisory and has been gathered from various reputable sources from the internet. We’re not vets, and you should always seek professional advice if you ever have concerns.

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