Dogs in the Workplace Mean Better Mental Health

In recent years, the area of mental health is receiving significant attention. That’s because issues relating to it are among the top problems plaguing today’s society. Any person can suffer from problems relating to mental health regardless of their age, health, colour, working category or gender among others. The result is millions of dollars poured into researching cures.

One such way that’s becoming a trend is the use of pets. Canines, like some other select pets, are great to own to maintain a healthy state of mind and emotional support. Some of the workplaces in a bid to improve employee productivity and reduce depression are resorting to having dogs at work. It’s not only a useful technique but also cheaper than it would be hiring a therapist. In this read, the focus is on why a pet at work means better mental health.

Before you can consider keeping pets in the workplace have the following in mind:

Tips for Maintaining a Dog at Work
  •        Ensure that the office dog is ready for the work environment. A canine is still an animal and requires training before it can be introduced to the workspace. There’s no telling how it will react to the work environment. Therefore, it’s safe to take precautions by training them to fit in. Ensure that the employees, too, are made aware of his dietary and training requirements.
  •        Not every person that enters the workplace will be okay with dogs. You could be allergic or just don’t like them. The workplace should have a contingency plan for such a scenario making sure that all who enter the office get comfortable with the setup.
  •       Keep good hygiene. Having a dog at work will require investing in maintaining the office and the dog’s hygiene. Poop and other litter must be handled as necessary while the dog must be clean and free of ticks
  •        Ensure that the dog’s vaccination is up to date

Here are some of the reasons why having an office dog means better health of the workforce:

Why Having an Office Dog Means Better Health of the Workforce

1.    A Dog at Work is an Excellent Stress Reliever

The moment you enter a dog friendly workplace, you’ll immediately notice that the atmosphere is slightly relaxed. It’s not that the people aren’t working, but something about having our canine companions in the work environment elevates the stress levels. Imagine being so immersed in your job and stressed out, then you look up and find the most adorable and cheerful puppy eyes looking straight at you. You get immediate stress relief. It uplifts your mood and the reason why an emotional support dog at work is necessary.

2.    An Emotional Support Dog at Work Helps Reduce Depression

Depression is an issue that a lot of people in society suffer from silently. More than often, these individuals don’t realize that they need help. Well, having a dog at work helps reduce depression. They make you exercise, give you a sense of purpose as you’ll be taking care of them round the clock and make you feel wanted. Sometimes, just petting them elevates our mood and therefore, having an emotional support dog at work will be useful for combating depression.

3.    A Dog-Friendly Workplace is Always Social and Welcoming

You never have to worry about what to do with dog while at work. They are social animals although some will suffer from anxiety from being around too many people. That’s why preparation is critical. While you can get toys to keep dog busy while at work, they’ll get to interact with people present in that space. Get a business dog that makes the workplace more social and welcoming. You could even employ the use of the best bark collar to make them friendly and avoid noise.

4.    There Are Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

There’s a long list of health benefits of owning a canine. Good health comes from having a balance on all aspects of your life. Your emotional and physical wellbeing is critical for having good health. An office dog offers both. They will uplift your soul when you feel low and depressed. Also, the pet will require exercises which the employees can take turns giving by taking them on walks.

5.    There is a Relationship between Having a Dog at Work and Increased Productivity

Whether it’s a service dog in the workplace or any other type of dog, experts have shown that there’s a relationship between having a dog at work and improved productivity. When employees are less stressed, healthy, and the work environment conducive and welcoming there’s improved productivity.


You really don’t have to leave dog alone at home; this is thanks to emerging knowledge and research that has shown that they are intricate to our mental wellbeing. Having a dog at work is a trend that is catching on and fast. Our canine companions are the best when it comes to transforming the workplace to be more welcoming, productive and healthy, and less stressed and depressed.

Do you have dogs in your place? Please share with us the impact they’ve had.


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