Our Dog Bed Guide

The Dog Bed.. A very simple product, yet it can be so easy to get wrong. Thanks to the power of the internet and the millions of online marketplaces, we are, frankly, spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a dog bed and with all that choice it can be overwhelming when deciding which one to choose for our dog.

Not to toot our own horn here… But we do consider ourselves dog experts! And with all the knowledge we have in dogs, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to make your next dog bed purchase a whole load easier!
Below, we have the different types of beds that you can buy regardless of where you purchase it from:
•The Standard Dog Bed

Standard Dog Bed

This is probably the first bed that comes to mind when thinking of dog beds. It does just look like a big cushion, and that’s pretty much what it is. This is better suited for bigger dogs as it’s less restricted than one with enclosures around it and allows your dog to spread out fully.
•The Nest Bed

Nest Dog Bed

This bed closely resembles a sofa with 3 sides of it being covered and an opening at the front. A bed like this can be good for dogs of any size, primarily dogs that like to curl up when they go to sleep. It also offers a bit of privacy for your dog.
•Donut Dog Bed

Donut Dog Bed

A very similar bed to the nest but with a full rim around the middle, with the middle area not being much lower than the rim. This is a very popular bed as it allows your dog to really sink in to it and preserve their body heat. Suitable for any sized dog but can be restricted to younger dogs due to how snug it is.
•Covered Dog Bed

Covered Dog Bed

This bed offers the most privacy for your dog which may be essential for your dog depending on how shy it is. It’s a safe and comfy retreat for your dog if things get too much. Suitable for smaller dogs (big ones are hard to come accross) and dogs that are shy.
Heated Dog Bed

Heated Dog Bed

Want to give your the most luxurious sleeping arrangement? This is probably what you need! Very similar to a nest bed with the built-in heater being the most notable difference. Suitable for any kind of dog but better suited for dogs with joint pains or smaller dogs that lose heat easier.
•Orthopedic Dog Bed

Orthopedic Dog Bed

An essential bed for older dogs, thinner dogs or dogs with joint pains. These come in various configurations with the most popular being Memory Foam - this material can adapt and shape itself around your dog avoiding any pressure points.
•Other things to consider:
Is it waterproof?
A very important question if you’ve just brought a puppy home and you’ve also invested a nice bed, you won’t want to be throwing it away on the second day!
You want to make sure it’s neither too big nor too small for your dog. A bed too small can restrict comfort and may cause issues in the future. A bed too big can unnecessarily take up space and may cause your dog to lose body heat.
Not essential but remember this is an item of furniture in your house and will be seen daily, so make sure it’s something you don’t mind looking at!
A travel bed:
If you plan to take your dog on holiday or on car journeys, you should definitely purchase an additional bed for your car to use when out and about. A cage with a cushion is the most suitable option for a car.
No matter what you decide to go for, always remember that it’s your dog sleeping on the bed, not you! And that you should always get the most suitable bed for your dog, should your budget and space allow it.
We would really love to see what you pick… Feel free to send over photos of your doggo in it’s new bed over on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!