Things Dogs Hate

Things Dogs Hate

Things Dogs Hate

We've talked about things dogs love - there way bound to be a list of things they're not as fond of!

Being Left Alone – Most dog owners will tell that their dog just LOVES being around them and around people in general. Their worst nightmare s to be left completely alone and not see their favourite people. Dogs are social creatures who generally hate being left alone. Some dogs are comforted by the presence of another dog, but others only want human companionship. Dogs have learned to become our companions and be by our side. Separation anxiety can actually be a real problem with dogs who really don’t like being left on their own.

Of you’re having to leave your pooch on their own for period of time, consider using our relaxing music or videos to keep them company and ease their separation anxiety, it can really help!

Fireworks – We’ll talk more about this as Bonfire Night comes around, but we here at Relax My Dog know more than most how stressful and horrible fireworks can be for our pets.

It’s really difficult for dog owners when the 5th of November comes around. They have to find a way to keep their dogs calm and as comfortable as possible. Although fireworks are mainly used for special dates such as New Year’s Eve and Bonfire Night, we still enjoy firework displays all year round. This is bad news for dogs because a lot of them really hate the sound of fireworks. Dogs have amazing hearing and are sensitive to loud noises such as fireworks.

This is also where our music and videos can be incredibly useful and even a life saver! Playing our music or distracting your pup with our Dog TV can help them settle and distract them from the loud noises outside.

Not Being Able to Explore & Sniff - Dogs enjoy going on walks for more than just the exercise. Taking a walk outdoors gives your dog a chance to explore the world. Your dog explores the world primarily through scent, then with his other senses (while most humans explore the world first through sight).

Rushing your dog through a walk without allowing them to stop and sniff (and mark) is unkind. If you think about it, it's like someone dragging you by the arm through your favourite shop without allowing you to stop and look at anything.

Dogs just don’t get why we take them outside where everything is fascinating and there are lots of different smells, yet we stop them from sniffing where they want to.

It’s difficult to walk your dog when they are sniffing every single spot of pavement, so sometimes we have to make them heal and walk alongside us. This prevents them from the enjoyment of sniffing everything momentarily, until they are let off the lead in the park.

Shouting and Harsh Punishment – No one likes being yelled, shouted at or punished. The same goes for our dogs. Negative or stressful punishment will never work when it comes to training or discouraging our pups our of certain behaviours.

Dogs may not understand the words we are saying, but they sense your emotions when you do it. If you have a sensitive or fearful dog, you may find that yelling, and harsh punishment actually upsets or scares your dog. Fear does not equal respect, and you will not strengthen your relationship with these methods. Even if your dog is aloof or ultra-happy, you will probably find that yelling and harsh punishment don't help in the long run because your dog becomes desensitized.

To correct unwanted behaviour, you can try redirecting your dog towards a preferred behaviour instead of yelling or smacking them. Be sure to reward them when he complies. Dogs are more likely to listen to you when you issue a request rather than a non-specific "no" or "stop it."

Fancy Dress – It’s cute for a little while, and if you have a pooch who tolerates fancy dress or costumes, that’s fin. But putting your dog in uncomfortable costumes can be quite stressful for them.

Many dogs will tolerate outfits or costumes, but most don't enjoy them. Get to know your dog before you force him into a bunny costume!

Some dogs are fine with simple clothing items like shirts but loathe wearing things on their heads or feet. How important is it that you dress up your dog anyway? If your dog needs protection from the cold, start with small, lightweight items and associate them with treats or other rewards. Work your way up to sweaters, jackets, and booties. Watch your dog's body language to figure out when he has had enough.

Please do bear in mind that everything in this post is strictly advisory and has been gathered from various reputable sources from the internet. We're not vets, and you should always seek professional advice if you ever have concerns.


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Oct 22 2021
by Claire