Spaniel Dog Breeds

Spaniel Dog Breeds

Spaniel Dog Breeds

American Cocker Spaniel – This bred, as the name suggests, is native to the USA. It’s actually known by many different names including Merry Cocker, Cocker Spaniel and Cocker. These are the most popular spaniel in America, with it’s lively personality, smarts and sweet little faces it’s no surprise!

One of the most defining features of the American Cocker is their round heads and super fluffy and long ears – so cute!!

These Spaniels get on with well behaved kids, other dogs and are extremely playful, though their coat is a little high maintenance – regular grooming and trimming is a must if you want to be owned by a Merry Cocker!

American Water Spaniel – This is dog with some very fine fur! They have a thick double coat which can be wavy or tightly curled and is usually some shade of brown (solid lover, brown or dark chocolate). American Water Spaniels were originally bred in Wisconsin in the 19th Century and another native to the US. Bred as hunting dogs around the Great Lakes, the Water Spaniel boasts a waterproof coat and webbed toes, perfect for plunging into icy waters!

American Water Spaniel are known to be very charming, happy, and eager to please.

Boykin Spaniel – Another USA native, the Boykin Spaniel (adorable name!) is the official dog of South Carolina. These dogs were also bred for hunting, specifically Turkeys!

Some of their hallmark features include a solid brown coat, large feathery ears, and their friendly personality. Boykins are outdoorsy, energetic, and described as “an absolute tiger in the field and very sweet dog to have around the family”. So, perfect family pet AND sporting partner!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – This Spaniel has along and noble heritage – as shown with their regal name! This is a Spaniel breed that’s native to the UK and considered to be better suited to companionship rather than sporting like their American cousins.

One of the Cavaliers key features are their large round eyes that have the ability to melt any heart they gaze upon! They have a rich, silk coloured coat that sets them apart from other dog breeds.

Clumber Spaniel – This famous British Spaniel breed was a royal favourite for a long time! They have a more Newfoundland look about them, with their heavyset body and big head they don’t initially strike one as a typical Spaniel breed.

The Clumber is also calmer than other Spaniel breeds, they’re known to be mellow around the home, like a slower pace in life and can be wary of strangers.

Also, unlike other Spaniels breeds, the Clumbers coat is straighter and flatter and often comes in white and yellow with brown, orange or yellow freckle-like spots.

English Cocker Spaniel – This is another native of the UK that is known for their happy disposition and sweet nature.

These Spaniels were bred to hunt woodcock, which lends itself well to the “cocker” part of their name. English Cocker Spaniels have a rich, silky coat, softly contoured head, puppy eyes and extremely friendly and loving personality.

Overall, this breed is described as happy and is always thrilled to be a part of any family. They enjoy children, other dogs, and even other animals.

This breed is of average intelligence but is eager to please and innately curious. They keep their contentedness without the need for excessive amounts of exercise; they’re just as happy napping in the lap of their human companion.

English Springer Spaniel - The English Springer Spaniel is a practical and quick learning breed. Part of the Gundog Breed Group it’s not uncommon to see these dogs out on the hunt.

Initially used to flush out game, they get their name from the way they “spring” upon their prey. With the increased popularity in shooting, they now tend to be used to retrieve.

Although Springer Spaniels are avid hunting dogs, they also make great family pets due to their obedient and friendly temperament.

With the correct training they can usually get along well with people other pets. Just remember they do require lots of exercise in order to remain fit and healthy.

Welsh Springer Spaniel - The Welsh springer spaniel is closely related to its English counterpart, although a little smaller. They only have red and white markings.

The Welshie is affectionate, active, and happy. They're also known for being a bit more laid back around the home and a little less busy outdoors. This breed develops strong bonds with their families.

They need a household with people around for most of the day to prevent them from becoming distressed. They can also be a little warier around strangers and are more prone to alert barking.

Please do bear in mind that everything in this post is strictly advisory and has been gathered from various reputable sources from the internet. We're not vets, and you should always seek professional advice if you ever have concerns.


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Nov 19 2021
by Claire