Perfect Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

Perfect Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

Bichon Frise - Hypoallergenic and utterly charming, Bichons learn quickly and love just about everyone. Clocking in at around 15 pounds, this is a playful companion that doesn't take up too much room on the couch either.

French Bulldog - This breed has recently skyrocketed in popularity with metropolitan millennials, but Frenchie’s were uber popular in Paris all the way back in the 18th century. A brisk walk each day will sufficiently keep them in shape, and they rarely bark (a big boon for the neighbours).

Bulldog - The Bulldog is perhaps most well-known for their laziness, making them a perfect dog for apartments. A short walk is all these pups need to keep them happy.

Otherwise, they’re content to just laze around and snooze. They’re an incredibly gentle dog breed and rarely get taller than 18 inches high.

Greyhound - This one may come as a surprise to some. Greyhounds, though traditionally known for their high speed and lanky legs, make surprisingly great pets for small homes.

Their energy needs are well-satisfied with a daily brisk walk, and their friendly, calm nature makes them a great choice even for smaller apartments.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - These dogs love to cuddle. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels will lay on your lap and beg for belly rubs any chance they get. They’re very attached to their humans, so small homes are even better for them.

The biggest concern comes with housetraining, as they can be hard to train. But, if you give them plenty of time outdoors and positive reinforcement, they’ll quickly become trustworthy apartment pets.

Chinese Crested - The Chinese Crested is certainly one way to stand out on your block. While the "powderpuff" version is covered in a silky coat, the hairless variety only has tufts at the head, feet, and tail — perfect if you need a hypoallergenic breed. Just take care to protect their exposed skin from the sun's UV rays.

Havanese - Nicknamed the “Velcro dog,” the Havanese will choose being inside with their family overstaying outdoors any day. However, don’t mistake their clingy personality with a lack of energy. These bouncy pups love to play, as long as their humans are nearby.

Averaging under a foot tall, this breed makes a great apartment pet for someone with plenty of energy.

Lhasa Apso - The Lhasa Apso thinks they're a large dog, but lucky for your apartment, they rarely grow taller than a foot. Early socialization and training are needed to bring out the best in this friendly, loyal breed.

Unlike the Japanese Chin above, Lhasa dogs have coats that require daily brushing and frequent bathing.

Manchester Terrier - The Manchester Terrier is a very intelligent, responsive breed and easily trained to apartment living. Their miniature size makes them ideal for even the tightest living quarters.

This is another breed that does best with a pet parent who's home often; if left alone, they can become destructive and bark incessantly.

Maltese - Not to be confused with the Havanese, this all-white dog can weigh half the size (under 7 pounds, compared to up to 13) and hails from the Mediterranean. They're born-and-bred companions that exude a playful charm. As for the long coat, Maltese actually shed infrequently.

Miniature Pinscher - With an appearance like a tiny Doberman, Miniature Pinschers are as confident as they are energetic. They make great watchdogs because they're suspicious of strangers.

The Mini Pin’s small size makes them good for apartments, but this breed may not do well with small children and must be socialized early with other pets.


Sep 23 2022
by Claire