More Interesting Facts About Dogs!

More Interesting Facts About Dogs!

Fun Dog Facts- 10 Fun & Interesting Facts about Dogs!

Dogs are our loyal and playful best friends - these are facts! But they’re also incredibly fascinating creatures. There is no other animal on earth that has as much diversity in breeds as dogs, so let’s get our learn on! Here are some exciting facts about dogs!

  • Sense of Smell - Dogs have millions more scent receptors in their noses than humans do; some breeds have up to 300 million compared to our mere 5 million! It’s for this reason that some breeds of dog are trained specially to sniff our drugs, dead bodies, explosives, medical ailments and more!
  • Their Vision – It’s widely believed that dogs only see in black and white, this is actually a myth! Dogs actually see in a range of blues, green-yellow, yellow and shades of grey; that’s MUCH more than plain ol’ black and white! That’s why our awesome Dog TV episodes are in hues of these colours - no point making Dog TV that only humans can enjoy!
  • Hot Dogs! - Dogs heat up faster than humans - not in the microwave (don’t do that!) but within their bodies. A dog’s body temperature is slightly higher than humans (around 101.5 °F) and because of this, owners need to be extra careful when walking their dogs on a hot day Make sure they have plenty of water and they don’t spend too much time out in the sun.
  • Yawns Mean More - Yes, of course, dogs yawn when they’re tired but they do it for other reasons too! If a passive dog encounters an aggressive one, they may yawn to show no interest in conflict. Not as a show of submission, but of pacification (very clever!). This is also used when dogs play with each other, they may yawn to assure each other that it’s all fun and games! Yawning can also be a sign of stress or unease in a dog too, so be mindful if you’re in a situation that may be making your doggy uncomfortable.
  • Their Paw Pads – It’s another long help myth that dogs don’t sweat, only pant. Dogs do actually sweat, just not from the places that we do! Dogs sweat a pheromone laden oily substance from their paw pads. This isnt as effective as when we sweat to cool down, so dogs pant when they get hot. It's super important for owners to keep their pooches cool on hot days, so make sure they have plenty of shelter and lots of fresh water!
  • Toddler Intelligence - Did you know that the average Pupper is as intelligent as a two-year old human? Dog experts claim that dogs can learn up to 100 words, gestures, and commands - that’s on par with the average toddler! Because of this, dogs can be trained for a variety of roles including Police, Military, Assistance and Medical Aides! They truly are clever, and loyal, furry friends.

Please do bear in mind that everything in this post is strictly advisory and has been gathered from various reputable sources from the internet. We’re not vets, and you should always seek professional advice if you ever have concerns.

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Mar 18 2022
by Claire