Keep Your Dog Safe on 4th July

Keep Your Dog Safe on 4th July

Keep Your Dog Safe on 4th July!

The 4thy of July is just around the corner! And, as dog owners, it’s important to make sure our pooches are safe, happy, and stress-free when the festivities begin! So, we have some tips and advice on how to make sure your dog stays saft this 4th July!

Identification/Microchip Up-To-Date & Leashed! – Hopefully, your pup won’t be or get out during the 4th of July festivities, but if they do, you want to help them be returned to you as soon and as easy as possible. This means it’s vital your dog’s identification tag and/or microchip information is up to date!

If you moved recently or changed phone numbers, now is a good time to update your dog's tag and microchip info. Any shelter or vet office, as well as most law enforcement offices, will have microchip scanners.

If someone turns in your lost dog at these locations, a microchip will help them return your dog to you.

If you are dead set on having your dog stay outdoors for a fireworks display, please have your dog on a reliable Dog Leash and Harness. This goes without saying, but you would be surprised how many dog owners still think it’s okay to let their dogs roam free and simply hope nothing bad happens. If your dog  has to go outdoors to make potty, once again, make sure to walk them on a leash. If fireworks go off while your dog is outside, they may want to flee, or become disoriented. Make sure your pet's Dog Tags are up to date, and if you want to be extra safe, an Engraved Buckle Collar is also a great idea.

Don’t Leave Dogs in Cars! – if you’re planning festivities outdoors and you don’t know for sure your pup is invited, don’t bring them. Turning up to a cook-out, BBQ or park with your dog and leaving them inside your car is NEVER the answer. It’s much better for your pooch to miss out on the fun than to spend it dangerously overheated and possibly dying.

 On a sunny day, the temperature inside a car can skyrocket to deadly temperatures in minutes.

Even if you leave the air conditioning on, your dog is highly visible to anyone walking past, including thieves. Many dogs have been stolen from cars, especially purebred dogs. Don't let your pooch be another unfortunate victim.

If you plan to head to a fireworks show, barbecue, or other 4th of July event, leave your dog at home where they can stay reasonably safe.

Keep Them Away From Fireworks! – There’s a reason we find our content used the MOST during the 4th of July weekend; fireworks are incredibly scary and stressful for our pets. They’re loud, bright, smelly, and unpredictable (for your dog). All this can be dangerously frightening and anxiety inducing.

This should go without saying. Do not bring your dog to the fireworks displays, as they can be disorienting and frightening to pets.

Dogs are far more likely to bolt if they're outside and surrounded by explosions that they don't understand.

Your dog won't appreciate the fireworks as much as you do, anyway. As much as people would love to see and pet your dog on this fun, summer holiday, it's not worth the risk.

Keep An Eye On Them – If you’re having people round for a meal, BBQ, or drinks, make sure you keep watch over your pooch. There are a lot of foods and drinks they might want to sample! But BBQ food, high fat and salty snacks are just not good for your dog. There are bones in things like ribs and alcoholic drinks are a definite no-no.

Make sure you leave plates of food away form where your dog can reach it and never leave alcolock drinks unattended.

If you want to make certain your pooch doesn’t get into anything they shouldn’t, maybe put them upstairs or in a room away from the festivities. This will ensure you know exactly where your dog is, and they are kept away from temptation.

Use Relaxing Music – The 4th of July is the time of the year where use of our content spikes. There’s a reason! Our relaxing music and videos has helped millions of pets all over the word who suffer with anxiety or are in stressful situations.

Whether you’re leaving them at home, staying home with them or shutting them away while you have guests – our music can help you dog stay calm, happy, and even fall asleep!

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Please do bear in mind that everything in this post is strictly advisory and has been gathered from various reputable sources from the internet. We're not vets, and you should always seek professional advice if you ever have concerns.

Thanks for reading. If you have anything that you would like us to cover, then feel free to get in touch with us over on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!
Jul 02 2021
by Claire