How To Tell Your Dog is Happy

How To Tell Your Dog is Happy

How To Tell Your Dog is Happy.

Do you know how to tell if your dog is happy? There are the obvious sings like tail-wagging, but do you know the other ways to tell that they’re happy? Here are a few adorable ways your dog shows their happiness!

Puppy Dog EyesIt’s not just a saying! Dogs can show a lot of their emotions through their eyes. Happy dogs have relaxed eyes and eyelids. They blink often and their gaze is soft. Their gaze will be relaxed and gentle and they will blink often.

A lot like people, the windows to our dogs soul is their eyes. If you look at your pooch ad they’re looking happy, relaxed and even adoringly at you, they are.

Ear ear! – Ears are another thing your dog uses to show how they’re feeling. Obviously, ear shapes differ from breed to breed but their “ear expressions” are largely the same.

in general, happy dogs wear their ears in a relaxed fashion. One ear may be cocked up, or both may be loose and floppy. Their ears will fall naturally and rest against the sides of their head.

If a dog’s ears are pinned back, it could be a sign of fear or aggression or stress. Ears pricked forward often indicate that a dog is interested in something that is going on around them.

Calm Your Chops! - Happy dogs sometimes appear to smile. No, really! Their mouth will be  open, the corners are turned up and while some teeth may be visible, it is not in an aggressive manner.

Open mouth panting should not be confused with smiling; pay attention to the changes in your dog’s body language to read their mood. Note: a dog that is panting with their mouth open could be hot or stressed. This is not a happy dog.

Relaxed BodOne of the easiest ways to tell if your dog is happy and relaxed, is to look at the way they carry themselves, their body. A loose, soft, wiggly body usually means a dog is happy and healthy.

Even a dog that is playing and bouncing around wildly will have a relaxed body carriage with weight evenly distributed if they are happy.

On the other hand if a dog seems tense, tight, or stiff, they are less comfortable.

Tails You Win! – Of course we couldn’t talk about dogs being happy without mentioning their tails! If the tail wag is soft and loose and typically held in a more neutral position on the body, this is likely a happy dog.

Another part of your dog’s body language is the way they hold their tail. You can tell if your dog is happy by the tail carriage.

When your dog is relaxed, they will hold their tail in its natural position. If their feeling happy they’ll wag it gently from side to side.

Each dog has a different relaxed tail carriage, depending on the breed. In general, a happy dog will raise their tail. If it’s too high, that could indicate the pup is agitated or over stimulated whereas a tail pinned under the body is a strong sign of fear

Good Boy/Girl! – A happy dog is usually a well behaved one. Destructive behaviour is typically a sign of boredom and lack of mental stimulation.

Separation anxiety is another common cause of extremely destructive behaviour in dogs. This is a good opportunity to use our music and Dog TV! Our in-house created music us specially designed to help dogs with separation anxiety, anxiety, boredom, and more. Check out our YouTube channel! 

Sleepy Time. - When it is time to sleep, does your dog pick a comfy spot and drift carefree into sleep? A happy, relaxed dog will sleep well.

Stressed dogs wake up, get up, pick a new spot, fall asleep and then repeat. They are not relaxed enough to get into a deep sleep, which could cause health troubles.


Talk to a vet and/or a dog trainer about how to get your dog relaxed and happy so he can sleep well.

Please do bear in mind that everything in this post is strictly advisory and has been gathered from various reputable sources from the internet. We're not vets, and you should always seek professional advice if you ever have concerns.

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Jul 08 2021
by Claire