Calm Dog Breeds

Calm Dog Breeds

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is super adaptable and agreeable. We’re talking a low-maintenance, cat-friendly, kid-loving, senior-compatible breed—and one that remains cool as a cucumber to boot. While they enjoy daily walks and games of fetch as much as the next pooch, they were bred to be a lap dog, and prefers to be with you much of the time.

French Bulldogs - These adorable little pups are full of personality but are far from athletic. Thanks to their short, stocky stature, a shortened snout that makes heavy breathing hard, and their history as purely pet dogs, French bulldogs simply aren’t interested in long hikes or runs.

These goofy companions are known for being easy-going and compatible with families or apartment life. 

Unlike some other small dogs, Frenchies are sturdy enough that they’re unlikely to get injured by rambunctious kids or a larger neighbour dog. However, it’s important to support Frenchie breeders that avoid breeding for hyper-exaggerated big heads and flat faces; this breed can be plagued by health issues related to those ultra-cute faces.

Basset Hound - As with all hounds, there’s a risk the basset hound will sniff an irresistible scent when out on a walk and want to chase it. However, most of the time, these low-maintenance pups are not easily excitable.

This breed can develop a loyal partnership with their owner through training, but this will take persistence and patience. Once they’re trained, these lovable pups will accomplish your needs and remain by your side, often content to snooze on the sofa.

St. Bernard - A mountain dog breed known for heroic rescues is presumably calm and collected, but those traits aren’t necessarily a given, if you have an adult St. Bernard, who’s been well-trained, well-bred, well-socialized, and is getting their physical and emotional needs met, they’re generally going to be a lot calmer and more relaxed inside the house. Generally, St. Bernard’s are well known for being patient, peaceful, and gentle. They have a great time spending time with their humans, especially when they have a job to do. 

Tibetan Spaniel - Unlike most spaniels, Tibetans are actually bred as companion dogs. They’re not really hunting dogs like springer spaniels, but instead, they’re a rather cuddly toy breed. 

Alert and bright, Tibetan spaniels may tend towards barkiness with strangers but readily relax around the house. These frisky little dogs bond tightly with their people and are happy to share their time with you however you prefer!

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Jul 08 2022
by Claire