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Summer Dog Grooming Tips

Summer Dog Grooming Tips! As the weather is warming up (yes, even here in the UK!), it’s important to know how to keep your pooch cool in the summer heat. There are many things you can do but knowing how to groom them this season is very important! The Benefits of Summer Grooming. – We […]

Facts About Dog Tails!

Facts About Dog’s Tails Do you know why pooches their tails? You do? Well, did you know there is so much more to your dog’s tail than showing how happy they are? Get your learn on this week with some fun and interesting facts about your dog’s tail! Speed & Height Show Their Mood. – […]

Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make.

Mistakes Dog Owners Make. What are some common mistakes Dog owners make? Some people might think that loving your dog is all you need to do to be a good owners, but there is so much more to it! Are you guilty of making any of these common mistakes? Getting One Before You’re Ready. – […]

Unusual Looking Dog Breeds

Unique Looking Dog Breeds! Dogs as an animal are varied and unique, take a walk on the wild side with some of the stranger looking dog breeds! Komondor. – The Komondor breed originates in Hungary. This huge canine reaches an average of thirty inches when fully grown. He looks even larger because of his huge […]

Plants Dangerous to Dogs

Dangerous Plants for dogs. There are many common house and garden plants that are dangerous to your dogs. As spring is starting, more people are gardening and spending time in their gardens. If you have dogs, it’s especially important for you to know and recognise what would be potentially dangerous to them. The majority won’t […]

Train Your Dog Not to Bark

Train Your Dog Not to Bark Obviously, having a dog means they will bark. But can you control your dogs barking? Maybe train them not to bark unnecessarily? Here are some tips and advice on how to help reduce what your dog will bark at. Before we start, there are some important things to remember […]

Getting a New Dog

Tips on bringing home a new dog. Bringing home a new dog can be a very exciting time, but it’s not a situation that is going to easy right from the get-go. Getting a new dog and a dog coming to a new home can be stressful for all involved. You can make the whole […]

Facts about Poodles

Facts About Poodles Poodles are one of the most instantly recognisable dog breeds – and not just because of their signature coats! Poodles are known for their athleticism, exceptional intelligence, and physical grace. Here are some fun and interesting facts about poodles – of all sizes! They Are Very Intelligent – Poodles are ranked as […]

Toxic Food for Dogs

Toxic Food For Dogs. As tempting as it might be to share your food with you pooch, you need to be very careful you don’t give them something toxic. Some food and drink that we enjoy can be extremely toxic and dangerous to dogs and can result in sickness or even death. It’s important as […]

Facts About French Bulldogs

Facts about French Bulldogs. French bulldogs are the fourth most popular breed in the United States, and we can see why! French Bulldogs, or “Frenchie’s”, are small, cute and have amazing personalities! So, what are some fun facts ab out them? Read on to find our more about this adorable breed! They Have Origins in […]