What Are the Benefits of Hosting a “Take Your Dog to Work” Day?

“Take Your Dog to Work Day” is officially recognized on June 23rd of every year. For the 68 percent of American homes that own a dog, the ability to take your dog to your place of employment is a popular idea. Although there are a few potential downsides (e.g. the distraction, possible noise), there are many more advantages. For dogs with anxiety, planning to bring your pooch to work may even benefit his or her wellbeing. If your company is considering hosting one of these days, explore some of the top benefits and ways to prepare for a “Take Your Dog to Work” day.

Preparing dogs for the big day

Before discussing the top advantages of taking dogs to work, there are some important steps that all individuals should follow to prepare their pups for the big day. Even if a dog doesn’t exhibit symptoms of anxiety on a regular basis, taking precautions is a must. Encourage fellow employees to have soothing music that is specifically designed for dogs on hand to play while they spend time in the office. Not only is this music pleasant to listen to at work, but it will provide proven anxiety relief if needed. It is also wise to bring calming treats in case one or more dogs need something extra to soothe their nerves.

Dogs relieve employee stress

Bringing your dog to your job can significantly reduce your stress levels. One of the biggest studies on the subject from 2012 revealed that individuals who bring their dogs to work have lower levels of stress hormones in their bodies. Outside of the workplace, there are many other studies that have shown how dogs can be both therapeutic and relaxing for both owners and non-owners. Researchers have found that interacting with dogs can help a person achieve healthy blood pressure readings, increase survival rates in heart attack survivors, and improve one’s overall mental health.

Having your pup at work can boost your productivity

Although it sounds counterintuitive, bringing your dog(s) to work can actually boost your overall productivity. The first way in which this achieved is due to the frequent, short breaks that you must take during the day. Since your dog requires food, water, walks, and bathroom breaks, you have to take multiple (yet brief) breaks throughout the morning and afternoon hours. Research has shown that taking regular and short breaks throughout the day can enhance your productivity significantly. There is also another more common sense reason that bringing your dog to your workplace can enhance your productivity. If you typically take time out of your work day to go home to let your dog out, you will save your entire commute time. Adding this time back into your day will allow you to do more, and achieve higher productivity goals.

Having your dog at work can be one of the most exciting perks of your job. If you are in charge of planning your company’s “Take Your Dog to Work” day, preparing employees and dogs in advance is the best way to achieve success.